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About Us

Borneo Ant House – Your Mini Educational Theme Park is created to project the rich diverse nature and culture of the people of Sabah .
We aim to achieve the best quality product and service to fulfill every visitor interest and excitement.


  • Because the ant with its hardworking characteristic has its own secret path of success in its home.
  • We want the visitors to experience the short but fruitful moments of uniqueness inside the ant house .


  • To give fun information
  • To create an alternative for local to spend the time with family and friends
  • To share knowledge on art culture and nature
  • To create awareness on local art culture and nature 
  • To instil love and appreciation towards the beauty of art culture and nature
  • To attract and boost local and international visits
  • and to prosper our neighbours




Find us:

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/borneoanthouse/
Instagram http://www.instagrac.com/user/borneo_ant_house

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