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Our Little Bearded Dragon Lizard

Look at this cutie! Introducing you….
This is Mandak she is a Bearded Dragon Lizard

This outgoing, friendly, playful little girl loves to pose, and loves to engage with people, too!
She enjoys being petted and will crawl up your chest onto your shoulder..

Friendly, playful, affectionate, AND she’ll make you look like a “master lizard photographer” on social media!

“I love to lay in the sun and watch birds!” …….getting some legit sunshine is great for  Mandak ♥

Mandak is almost 2 years old ..You can meet her at the Borneo Ant House’s Exotic Reptiles section ♥


♥  Happy memories…Happy Moments…Thank you to all visitors for being gentle with Mandak.. hope to see you again.. ♥

Feel free to visit BAH with your family members and friends
You can meet and take pictures with sweet little Mandak at Exotic Reptiles Section,
Borneo Ant House, Tuaran Sabah ♥

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